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Best Canadian Dedicated Server Hosting

Best Canadian Dedicated Server Hosting

If you’re like most website owners, you’ll start with a Shared hosting plan to save money during the first months or years, but what happens when your website starts to grow? Your hosting plan needs Read More

Introducing Fast-Track Priority Support

Fast-Track Support

What is Fast-Track Support and how does it work?

The HostUpon technical support team usually responds to support tickets in the order which they are received. We understand sometimes an issue requires urgent attention and that’s where our new “Read More

New HostUpon Website and Hosting Options

As you may have noticed, we recently launched a brand new website design on In addition to our beautifully-designed responsive website, we’ve introduced a few new hosting options as well!

Since 2007 we have been focussed on constantly innovating, Read More

How To Migrate Your Website From Another Host To HostUpon Hosting

Guide:  How to switch your hosting to HostUpon

The most difficult part of hosting with a new provider is migrating all of your data, domains, emails, and websites. HostUpon makes it easy with our FREE transfer and migration service.

HostUpon’s … Read More

What is Domain WHOIS Privacy?

Domain Privacy Explained

Every time you register a domain name, contact details are attached to it, and publicly available on WHOIS database listings. HostUpon and many other domain registrars provide a “domain privacy” service for a small fee ($9.95 per … Read More

How To Install Piwik: Open Analytics Platform

After investing time and money into your websites and online brand, you’ll want to measure your Return On Investment (ROI), learn how to capture more leads, and track your visitors actions to get a better idea of how successful your … Read More

How to secure your WordPress Site

With millions of people using WordPress it’s no surprise that it is one of the top targets for hackers.  If you use WordPress then you’ll want to read our tips on how to secure your WordPress website.  You may … Read More

4 Blogging tips to help you get noticed online

Right now there’s millions upon millions of blogs set up. There’s so many, that things are starting to look rather bleak in terms of getting noticed with so much competition. You may find yourself trying to get noticed through a … Read More

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